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Range clean up continued today. We ARE open! We ARE open!
Everything is being cleaned with high pressure washing using extra strength Clorox and that includes washing the rifle cradles/ lead sleds too. We are cleaning everything in order to make things sanitary.

We got the bridge to the 200 yard rifle back in place today. It had floated about 1/3 of mile away. "John Brown" thing weighed a ton! But we used "REDNECK TECHNOLOGY" lol Three of the 100 yard rifle tables were bolted down but the others were not (in case someone wanted to shoot sitting or prone they could be moved), so we have been searching for those tables that were not bolted down and floated away. We have found MOST of them! However, one will not be recovered although we know where it is. It is wedged in between three trees. Seems like it became blocked by the trees and as the water went down it settled straight down into the trees and is wedged. 20 years from now, as the trees grow people will wonder why there is a table in the trees high above the ground.

So far, ALL rifle scopes looked to be of no use, 12,000 watt generator is destroyed in addition to a Honda 2,000 watt generator. Air compressor is still drying before we will try it. Seemingly endless number of power tools are still drying out and are in the IDK if they will work phase. Hearing protection has been cleaned but due to the foam inside of them I have decided to replace all, its best for the members and visitors! Shooting glasses have cleaned up great, but they are the new expensive ones we did not keep out, they are the ones we checked out. The cheaper ones are gone. ALL paperwork is being replaced, ID cards held up pretty good due to being laminated. Just got to disinfect them. Lumber has floated EVERYWHERE!!! ALL inventory was destroyed!
We built some new target frames today and have more to build. Most of the range tables have been recovered but the two main ones at the check in shelter have floated far far away. Small dead fish are EVERYWHERE but we were cleaning them up today. The place was in reality one large lake next to the river so the pond in the rear may have even better fishing in it lol

I cannot thank those who have been able to help enough. Yes, we are open but it will take a long while before ALL of the storage containers are cleaned out and debris is hauled off.

The Office trailer IS destroyed! Will need to be totally rebuilt. I will more than likely have something built from the ground up but on sleds.

I am also trying to use this time to upgrade whatever I can!

Oh, and one more thing; The Range "Cat" that chose the Range as his new address just before the Hurricane made it thru the storm just fine. Anybody that wants a very domesticated Cat, just asked! Good home only!

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